Kids obesity – promoting physical play

The level of childhood obesity in Australia is steadily increasing which means children today are more at risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  In 2011, ABS identified that 25.3% of kids aged 5 – 17 were overweight. This is mainly due to a decline in physical activity compared to previous generations which is an alarming trend as children who are inactive now tend to remain inactive adults. Some of the barriers to play is that family life now is more complicated and parents are time poor.

The after school period, is a critical window for promoting physical play for children. Getting your children involved in organised after school activities is a good way to ensure they get the right balance of physical play and have fun at the same time. Mojofit Kids Training believe in educating children on living an active and healthy lifestyle whilst having fun so they can carry this throughout their whole life. Check out our website for more details or  better still enrol them in the next term!


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